Topic Choice: MA Politics

For this upcoming semester, I plan to cover the Massachusetts political activities as my beat. I chose this topic because I feel informed about politics on a federal level, and felt I lacked adequate knowledge to be an informed voter at the state level (since I am registered to vote in MA). I also want to see how Massachusetts’s laws and bills compared to ones being discussed nationally. I think this topic is going to be interesting to watch especially in November once Massachusetts voter’s head to the polls (even though MA is a historically swings Democrat). Hillary just barely pulled ahead of Bernie Sanders in the MA primary (difference of 1 delegate), while Trump ran away with the delegates during the Republican MA primary.

I believe a great source for this topic is the mayor’s own personal blog. This way I can use the Mayor’s thoughts and plans to create a more holistic blog post. I also want to check both the governor’s office website and the mayor’s office website to see official press releases. I am hoping these two websites will provide me with a large array of blog topics to choose from. Another great resource is the Boston Globe, as they cover local news and state news extensively. Lastly, I am planning to use Masslive and the Boston Herald’s political section. As I begin selecting blog topics, I can easily add more sources as I see fit depending on the information I need.

I also think Twitter can be a very important factor in this topic, as every major elected official uses Twitter to reach their constituents. I am hoping to highlight some of these officials and their offices on the sidebar of my blog site so there’s always updated information.


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