CollegeFest 2016 & Live Tweets

Today I went to CollegeFest, held at Fenway Park. I’ll take any excuse to go to Fenway, especially if I can get in for free (with a valid college ID). Since I’ve never attended the event before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The average age of participants was 22, which felt weird given we were at the oldest baseball stadium in the U.S.

Upon entering, I was immediately given a plastic bag to put all my free merchandise in. It took me 30 seconds before someone shoved a Monster “Energy Lemonade” in my bag for me. There were at least 50 vendors littered inside and outside the park doing raffles, giveaways, and cooking up food (all for free). Many of these companies were aimed explicitly at a college-age demographic, for obvious reasons. Trendy companies like Uber, Lyft, GrubHub, many “healthy tea” stands, and a boxing gym were present, along with Planned Parenthood, which was rather strange to see given the environment. A local radio station had set up to register people to vote, something I thought was very appropriate and very cool. Since the event prided itself on being free and providing free “swag” it was packed and lines got long VERY quickly for every vendor stand.

When live tweeting this, I was hoping to give a general idea of the environment and what people could except if they came. I think twitter can be helpful with this, like when I tweeted about lines getting long, however I feel like there is something personal missing when live-tweeting an event. It also was a little difficult physically. Every time I went to tweet I had to at least partially remove myself from my surroundings to make sure I wasn’t bumped/no one tried to snatch my purse. Should I have been at a more energetic event like a rally or political speech, I would miss crucial events/quotes by live tweeting it. Since I was at a “street fair” of sorts it wasn’t as crucial, but I feel like there are certain environments where live-tweeting just doesn’t always make sense. I’m hoping these problems go away over time should I have to live-tweet another event (but secretly hoping I won’t have to, because I loved walking around not looking down at my phone to tweet!)


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