Bathroom Fights Never Die

After all the drama with bathroom laws over the summer, Massachusetts ended the debate in the state when Governor Charlie Baker signed a transgender rights statute into law in August.

However, there is a growing movement in Massachusetts to reverse this action, lead by the Massachusetts Family Institute. According to it’s website, “MFI is a non-partisan public policy organization dedicated to strengthening families in Massachusetts.” The group is more commonly known as a right-wing religious group (they believe marriage is between a man and a woman, and that life begins at conception).

The group delivered over 38,000 signatures to the secretary of state’s office to qualify its petition for the 2018 state ballot, according to Andrew Beckwith, the organization’s president.

According to Beckwith, the group’s signatures came from volunteers and its church network. However, they also received aid from a signature-collecting firm (no word on how much the firm was paid yet).

The group has never been shy about their feelings, often tweeting articles like the below, which demonstrate their opposition to the law.

Screen grab from MFI's website
Screen grab from MFI’s website

Just goes to show that even though the Trump v. Clinton match up will be over in November, disagreements never stop. I’m already tired.


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