Early Voting Hits Boston Monday

On Monday, Massachusetts residents will be able to vote before the pre-set election day for the first time. Early voting ends November 4th, and as with regular poll voting, locations vary depending on where you are actually registered to vote (if you’re from MA and want to vote early, see where your voting location is here).

“We’ve had turnouts (of more than 73 percent) in 2008 and 2012, and it seems this year is as intense, if not more so,” said Secretary of State William F. Galvin in the Herald’s article. “The biggest challenge is Massachusetts is not familiar with early voting because we’ve never had to do it before. It’s definitely for people who’ve made up their minds, because once you vote, you can’t change it. But it’s an excellent way to get it out of the way.”

In the past, cities like Boston have experienced voting lines so long, that some give up before ever casting their ballot. The early voting is expected to alleviate some of the headache, however since it’s so new, Common Cause Massachusetts expects only 15% of registered voters will take advantage of the extended time. To get the word out, MassVote is starting a campaign on October 29th doing programs with 90+ organizations and 1,000 volunteers .

For those who are in Boston, but are still registered in another state (or, like me, aren’t able to go back to their home in Massachusetts to take advantage of the program), there’s still the absentee ballot as a viable option. This year more than even, voting is crucial. 


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