Charter School Problems

One of my earlier posts was regarding Massachusetts’s Question 2 ballot question lifting the charter school cap to allow another 12 schools. Initially many expected this to pass without an issue, however the tide quickly turned and create a close race.

I also spoke a bit to the amount of money being spent both for and against this question. Many big players have donated like Shari Redstone, Partners Healthcare, and Kraft Group, among others. Now, teacher’s unions want authorities to investigate donations stemming from hedge fund managers for the pro-charter school side.

The unions say that these donations are the manager’s way to get around the law than bans finance and securities execs who deal with public pension funds from donating to political figures who oversee these public funds.

“Retirees need to know that investment decisions are being made based on their financial security, not to curry favor with Governor Baker and his pension board appointees,’’ said Tom Gosnell, president of the American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts told the Globe. Since the money is going towards a ballot question however, this doesn’t violate the law.

Baker is in favor of lifting the charter school cap.

While it’s unlikely anything will come out of this since there are no broken laws, it’s hard to not view this allegation in a negative light for the teacher’s unions. Polls show voters are split 45 percent/45 percent, with 9 percent undecided. It looks like a last-ditch effort for their cause, and a bad one at that.



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