Final Projects

For my final project, I plan to talk to members of SGA for my video, asking them about what their initiatives have been for the past semester, and what they are planning to do in the future. I am lining up interviews with executive board in order to get a head start, and am also going to ask about what other events they have left in the semester, so I can use one of these for my photo story.

For my written story, I want to focus on how no one really knows what SGA does, and how much effort goes into each week/event. I want to ask people on campus what they think SGA is responsible for, and how students think SGA could better market their ideas.

My overall goal with these stories is for students to understand SGA better. If they understand how their student government works, they can take advantage of what is offered to them more, and potentially enhance their Northeastern experience. Students often complain about issues on campus, but most times no one takes any action to solve the problems. SGA is an under utilized resource, and hopefully this can change it.


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