One Final Push of Hate

Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been waiting for (or dreading, rather) for almost two years. We will finally know which direction we, as a country, will head in.

There is still time for craziness however. Over the weekend, anti-Donald Trump graffiti was found on the side of a building at 170 St. Alphonsus Street according to a Boston Globe article. This part of Mission Hill is a common area for Northeastern students to live. The building in question belongs to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

It was reported to police on Sunday morning, but was quickly covered. While the Boston Globe did not confirm what the graffiti said, the Boston Herald did, with a photo. The graffiti in question said “Kill Your Local Trump Supporter”.

Hateful rhetoric is par for the course this election cycle, however its unusual for something like this around Boston. Around the country, Trump campaign offices and signs have been repeatedly vandalized. There is little chance that Massachusetts with vote Republican tomorrow, with or without the threatening message. The unfortunate thing is that, even when the election is finally over, this type of speech is likely to linger, inspired by Trump’s non-PC/polite attitude.


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