Anti-Trump Rallies Take Boston

Four days after the election results that shocked (half) of the nation, no one can quite relax. All over the country, there have been anti-Trump rallies. Boston is not an exception to this.

Massachusetts is known as a deep-blue state, especially in terms of social issues. Not a single county in Massachusetts voted Republican (including the historically Republican town of Boxford who have backed every Republican candidate since 1972. Clinton won with 49.3% to Trump’s 44.1%.) Wednesday, following the election, roughly 4,000 people rallied through downtown Boston, complete with signs and anti-Trump chants to voice their concerns regarding Trump as leader of the free world.

I will say that by the time I woke up Wednesday morning, two different individuals associated with Northeastern had already invited me to the Facebook event for the rally. The event was “hosted by” Boston Socialist Students, Boston Movement for the 99%, and Boston Socialist Alternative. At noon on Wednesday, the event has already been shared with 20,000 people. At my anxious mother’s request, I declined to attend.

Screenshot from my Facebook page of the anti-Trump rally
Screenshot from my Facebook page of the anti-Trump rally.
Screenshot from my Facebook page of the anti-Trump rally
Screenshot from my Facebook page of the anti-Trump rally. Event details

These chants varied, but “Love Trumps Hate”, “Trump is racism”, and “Impeach Trump” were all used according to the Boston Globe. Vice President-elect Mike Pence was also not safe from chants.

A second, less-attended rally was held on Saturday, with a similar message. The Boston Globe mentioned that a rally cry was “Not my president”, however there were some who abstained, as with the case of Dawn Dreisbach.

I am completely in favor of speaking your opinion, and wanting the best for the country. However, the main drawback of these rallies is that life before the rally is the same as life after the rally. Since protests like these are so wide-spread, it’s very clear that there is a long road to inauguration day, and an even longer road for Trump to earn the trust of the 53% of the world who did not vote for him.



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