Gender Breakdowns in the Tech Industry (Data)

Gender percentages in tech firms has become a hot topic recently, as a push to get women more involved in the sciences becomes popular.

For comparison purposes, we as a class looked at four of the top tech firms (Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Apple). While women are roughly 30% of each of the firms (with some firms demonstrating higher women numbers than others), men very clearly are the majority in the companies.

However, delving deeper into the data, we can see that the number of women actually in technology-driven roles is much smaller than we originally thought. While the percentage overall includes women in more administrative roles/HR in the company, the bars labeled “Women in Tech” and “Men in Tech” include only the engineer/technology based employees. This gives a more dismal view of women in the industry. While we can assume more women are getting involved in these companies, it is clear many of them aren’t in the potentially higher-paying roles.


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