Trumps vs. Sanctuary Cities (and How This Affects Boston!)

There’s been lots of discussion lately surrounding potential changes that might happen under President-elect Trump. A popular topic is regarding illegal immigrants.

Trump has stated that once he takes office, he will stop federal funding to sanctuary cities, those that welcome all immigrants, regardless if they are in the country legally or not. This action would affect Somerville and Chelsea. According to a Boson Globe article, this would cost millions in aid. In addition to the “sanctuary city” status, Somerville also has an additional executive order in place, called the “Trust Act”. This shields immigrants with minor or no criminal records from deportation. Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone hopes Trump will reconsider his threats, however, said he not change the status.

“We are not going to stand voiceless and in silence and let a Gestapo-like atmosphere be cultivated in this nation and come to our communities and break families apart,” he said. “That will not be tolerated.” The federal funds that Somerville will forfeit are 3% of the current cities budget.

City Councilor Tito Jackson is current pushing to make Boston a sanctuary city in response to Trump’s statements according to the Boston Herald.

“[It is] critical that we remain steadfast in ensuring that immigrants who are undocumented actually have a path to citizenship, versus further victimizing people in these communities, who are often the victims of violent crimes as well as taken advantage of in the shadows,” said Jackson.

Boston already passed a Trust Act similar to Somerville’s in 2014. At stake for Boston would be over $250 million in federal funding if Trump uses this order against them.


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