Maura Healey Goes to Texas

Global warming is a threat to everyone’s future, although there still are those that may not agree. The companies that have the most to lose are those that deal with fossil fuels like Exxon Mobil.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is one who is against companies like these. In April, she launched an investigation into whether the firm deceived investors and consumers. To stop this, Exxon filed an injunction on first amendment grounds (among others), while Healey is moving to dismiss the injunction according to the Boston Herald article. However, now go to Texas to prove that her actions are not “big-time political moves.” Texas Federal Judge Ed Kinkeade said last month he believes the AG is attempting to “satisfy a political agenda” and that he must hear more from each side before he can accurately make a ruling.

“Attorney General Healey’s actions leading up to the issuance of the CID causes the Court concern and presents the Court with the question of whether Attorney General Healey issued the CID with bias or prejudgment about what the investigation of Exxon would discover,” Kinkeade wrote according to the Herald article.

Clearly this action gives hope to Exxon Mobil executives. Should Healey succeed, the company would be forced to disclose any records from 1976 onwards about what they knew regarding global warming and climate change.

According to Exxon Mobil lawyers, “For nearly a decade, climate change activists and certain plaintiffs’ attorneys have sought to obtain the confidential records of energy companies as a means of pressuring those companies to change their policy positions.”

Healey’s office thinks that this fight should be in Massachusetts court, “where this belongs” according to Healey’s spokeswoman, and that there is no personal jurisdiction in Texas.

Regardless of the outcome, global warming isn’t a topic that is going to go away anytime soon. Even though a judge in Texas may thwart Healey’s attempts to find out information (that some may view as blindly fishing), there are still debates out there about how to properly care for the environment, especially what that would look like under President-elect Trump.


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