Baker Still Not a Fan of Trump

Given how much a former governor of Massachusetts has been in the media lately, it’s interesting to note how the current governor has been acting regarding Trump.

While Mitt Romney seems to be cozying up with Trump for a spot in his cabinet as Secretary of State, Charlie Baker is cutting off the option before it can even materialize. While being interviewed for a WGBH radio show, a caller asked him if Trump were to offer him a job, would he accept?

According to the Boston Globe article, Baker responded, “I would have said I was flattered but I really like the job I have. I’m incredibly grateful that the voters of Massachusetts on my second try gave it to me, and I plan to continue to do it to the best of my ability.”

Baker made headlines a month or so ago when he said he planned to not vote in the election due to his distaste for the candidates.

While I was not a super fan of Baker for advocating against voting, especially in an election as contested at this one, it’s refreshing to see someone not baking down against Trump.

The Boston Globe article cast Baker in a cordial light, while still maintaining a distance given Trumps past comments and history. Trump hasn’t come close to being inaugurated, his cabinet picks have made headlines almost every day for the past week. Given how much Romney campaigned against Trump, I see it as slightly embarrassing for him to go crawling for a job. Fingers crossed.



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